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Organizing Committee

Program Committee

B.F. Myasoedov — Chairman, academician, Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

A.A. Berlin —  Chairman, academician, ICP RAS, Russia

V.A. Potapkin — Vice-Chairman, PhD, Minpromtorg, Russia

A.V. Anisimov — Professor, MSU, Russia,

A.V. Bloshenko — PhD, State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS, Russia

K. Czaja — Professor, Opole University, Faculty of Chemistry, Poland

K.S. Danielyan  — Professor, Secretary of the National Council for Sustainable Development under the Government of the Republic of Armenia, Republic of Armenia

V.A. Kolesnikov — Doctor of Engineering, D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Russia

V.B. Kondratev — Doctor of Engineering, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “State Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology”, Russia

V.V. Mustafina — Center for Sustainable Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Kazakhstan

V.А. Nadtochenko — Professor, ICP RAS, Russia

A.Yu. Orlov — Minpromtorg, Russia

V.S. Petrosyan — Professor, UN expert on chemical safety, Moscow State University, Russia

O.V. Pechenyuk — Doctor of Business Administration, Non-governmental organization «Independent Environmental Expertise», Republic of Kyrgyzstan

A.E. Rozen  — Doctor of Engineering, Penza State University, Russia

D.O. Skobelev — PhD, Federal State Autonomous Body «Research Institute «Enviromental Industrial Policy Center», Russia

O.A. Speranskaya — PhD, IPEN, Center for Environment and Sustainable Development «Eco-Accord»

P.A. Storozhenko — Corresponding Member of RAS, State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation “State Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Organoelement Compounds”, Russia

V.N. Strel’nikov — Professor, Doctor of Engineering, Institute of Technical Chemistry of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

K.K. Styazhkin — Doctor of Biological Sciences, OAO Korporatsiya Roskhimzashchita, Tambov, Russia

Yu.A.Treger — Doctor of Chemistry, Research engineering center «Sintez», Russia

Organizing Committee

Alexander Roshchin – Chairman, professor, Doctor of Engineering, ICP RAS, Russia

Elena Glukhan – Vice-Chairman, professor, Doctor of Engineering, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “State Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology”, Russia

Ilya Kumpanenko — Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, ICP RAS, Russia

Natalia Kovaleva — PhD, ICP RAS, Russia

Elena Raevskaya — PhD, ICP RAS, Russia

Igor’ Tikhonov  — PhD, ICP RAS, Russia

Igor’ Epinatiev — PhD, ICP RAS, Russia

Mikhail Dyubanov — ICP RAS,Russia